How to Prepare for Your Bioluminescence Tour


What to wear

  • river sandals or water shoes
  • quick dry clothing (you might get a bit wet)
  • light long pants, sleeves (mosquito protection)
  • insect repellant
  • bikini bathing suits are not recommended

When to arrive

We request you arrive 15-30 minutes early for your tour.  We need time to check you in and prepare to launch!  Please be sure to check driving time to location. 

How to find your guide

Parrish Park is a public location, so you will see cars and other kayak companies parked near the river.  The launch location is a dirt road/parking area just over the Max Brewer Bridge on the left.  Look for our kayaking trailer and guides in bright blue (for bioluminescence!) 

Share the big news

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FAQ About Bioluminescence Tours

  • We use tandem kayaks for this tour.  Because of wildlife and environmental protection we have a limited number of kayaks we can launch at one time.  So, we use 2 person tandem kayaks in order to get all of our guests out to see the bioluminescence on the dates they want.  That does not mean you will be in a large group.  Only 9 boats go out with 2 guide boats at one time.
  • What about small children?  Our recommended age for paddling is 5+ years old.  Each tandem kayak, has a small middle seat, that a younger child could sit in.  Price is per person regardless of age, or number in kayak.   We recommend only for small children who are able to sit still for at least 90 minutes.
  • What about dogs? Lots of people who love kayaking with their dog have asked about this tour.  We do not recommend this one for dogs, as it is a night kayaking tour.  Maybe chose the manatee tour or the monkey tour instead of bioluminescent kayaking if you want to have a great experience with your favorite pooch!
  • How close is Bioluminescent Kayaking launch to Orlando, Miami, or Cocoa Beach? This launch site 50 minutes from Orlando, and about 2 hours from Miami - just off I-95 at exit 220 for Titusville.  From Cocoa Beach, take US 1 north about 30 minutes. 
  • Will the bioluminescence be bright? We like to think so, but we cannot guarantee it.  Here are the best conditions: hot weather, right after a rain storm, dark night.  Sometimes the night is dark even when the moon is supposed to be bright.  Sometimes a barely visible moon occurs on such a clear night, that even the slightest shine makes it seem bright.  So, there are many factors that make the bioluminescence more/less visible.  The BEST TIME for glowing algae (dinoflagellates) brightness is usually July to October.  
  • What about groups? We can manage groups up to 30 people. We recommend you book weekend nights at least 45 days in advance for large groups.  Weekdays is best, as those are easier to find spaces for.  Please phone us for details, and we will be happy to get you and ALL your wonderful friends out for the tour!  
  • Will there be mosquitos? We cannot guarantee there will be mosquitos, but there is a 99% change there will be.  Some breezy nights have no mosquitoes. Some nights there are a lot. The other pest is No-See-Ums.  The best way to keep them away is with Baby Oil.  So, consider slathering on a layer of Baby Oil to any exposed skin.  PLEASE BRING MOSQUITO SPRAY.
  • What if I am not a good kayaker?  Some people are naturally athletic, and they pick up any kind of activity easily.  But our guides will give instructions before launching and be there to assist on the water. 
  • What is the weight limit? For our single kayaks, the weight limit is 275 lbs.  For the tandem kayaks it is 550 lbs. The night kayaking tours are done on tandem kayaks. how to